Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting started

I don't remember where I read it, but a quote along the lines of:
"If you don't have a blog yet, make one!"
 led me to a summary of Jeff Atwood's blogging experience;

which led me to finally decide, that I also need a blog...

Hence here you are reading, dear reader, the result of a Wordpress vs. Blogger question, decided by yet another blog post.

"So, here we are...". A writer who thinks he is a geek interested in big data, living with his girlfriend in 14°C on 33m2, and feels completely lost in a world full of ITIL, iPads, .NET and in-house programming.

Welcome Reader, and feel free to link, produce and troll your thoughts wherever offered.


Rafael Cichocki

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  1. And this is the comment area... dear Reader. I do consider myself an interactive person - help me find my current limits in accepting fresh ideas!